Clay Soil? Loosen it with Gypsum!

Clay soil is a common problem faced by many frustrated homeowners. Clay soil prevents turf from flourishing, and plants from growing, as roots cannot penetrate through the clay to spread and thrive.

Why Clay Soil?

Though clay soil can often be attributed to particular regions in the United States, many areas have been left with clay soil, due to development, because top soil has been scraped off during construction, leaving behind the heavy, hard clay leftovers.

How to Fix Clay Soil

Although clay soil can be frustrating for gardeners and turf enthusiasts, it can be easy to combat with the right tools. There are a couple ways to deal with clay soil. Many people try to solve their clay problem by mixing other types of soil into their soil, adding organic matter, or by replacing it with new soil altogether. Luckily, there is an easier fix to clay soil (and it requires much less work): gypsum.

Clay makes up the finest particles in soil structure (sand being the most coarse). Gypsum aerates even the toughest clay soils, by binding these fine clay particles together. This binding of particles creates air channels throughout the soil, aerating it, and allowing space for roots to grow, and moisture and air to move throughout.

Not only does this aeration help roots to be able to spread, but water is better able to percolate through the soil, causing much more efficient water usage (hooray for less watering!).

How to Choose the Right Gypsum

When choosing Gyspum for your lawn or garden, it’s important to choose a natural gypsum. Some gypsum products include impurities, or paper fibers, among other things. Encap’s Fast ActingTM Gypsum is the perfect alternative for loosening clay soil. Fast Acting Gypsum is naturally mined from the Earth, containing no impurities. It’s granular shape makes it virtually dust-free, and easy to spread. Plus enhanced with our Advanced Soil TechnologyTM, there’s no need to work it into the soil: just apply, and the AST helps the gypsum get down to the root zone, and stay there.