2-in-1 Fertilizer & Deer Repellent

Encap® 2-in-1 Deer Repellent & Fertilizer protects against unwanted feeding and browsing by deer and rabbits on lawns, trees, and gardens. Encap® 2-in-1 Deer Repellent & Fertilizer contains slow release nitrogen, which feeds continually as plants grow, providing nutrients over a longer period of time. Deer and rabbits are repelled by the odor of Encap® 2-IN-1 Deer Repellent & Fertilizer, and their natural instinct causes them to leave or avoid the treated areas.

  • Repels deer & rabbits
  • Does not burn plants
  • Easy to apply

Coverage: 700 sq. ft.

100% Guaranteed.

Type Model Setting
Drop Scotts® AccuGreen 3000 13
Drop Ames/Earthway 28
Drop Lawn Crafter (Quaker) 9
Drop Red Devil 15
Drop Republic EZ Grow 9
Broadcast ACE Green Turf Delux 7
Broadcast Agway 7
Broadcast Earthway® EV-N-Spred 7
Broadcast Green Thumb 7
Broadcast Scotts® Easy Green 30
Broadcast Scotts® Edge Guard 7
Broadcast Scotts® Lawn Pro 7
Broadcast Scotts® Speedy Green 7
Broadcast Southern States 7

Spreader settings are guidelines.  Actual setting may vary.