Introducing the Soil pH App!

At Encap, we strive to create a better earth from the ground upTM. Making sure you start with the right soil is the first step in growing plants that flourish and thrive. And the right soil starts with the right pH.

What pH does MY plant need?

Soil pH is one of the most important factors in growing healthy, productive plants. The wrong pH often results in plants that are unhealthy, and more susceptible to disease. But determining what pH your plants need isn’t always the easiest.

That’s why we’ve developed this easy to use online app, to help you determine what pH your plants need right from the start. No matter what you’re looking to grow (okay, maybe we missed a few), we’ve got them all in one convenient place. Not only that, but the app also tells you how to amend your soil based on your current soil pH, and the needs of your plant! Plus, you can save and keep track of your results!

Use our pH app…

  • Before planting to start with the right soil
  • When you suspect your soil may be at the wrong pH
  • You need to know how to fix your soil pH

Find My pH