Know Your Soil!

Knowing your soil is perhaps the most important thing you can do for the health of your plants, whether you are growing grass, flowers, or vegetables. Additionally, soil quality also affects your pocketbook, as healthy soil utilizes water more efficiently, and fertilizer applications are more effective.

Test Your Soil

While there are many ways to get to know your soil, the most sure-fire way is to do a soil test. There are many different ways to go about doing a soil test, from DIY tricks, to at home test kits, all the way to getting help from your local cooperative extension.

Nature’€™s Finest Seed has a great guide on tips for DIY testing, or utilizing your local cooperative extension. They even have a helpful soil report guide.

Whether you use a store-bought kit, a DIY method, or your local extension office, one thing is for sure: knowing the structure and make-up of your soil is step number one in having a lush, healthy, disease-resistant lawn or garden.

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