Grass Repair Kit

This stress-free blend of mulch, seed and fertilizer is ideal for repairing thin patches and bare spots anywhere in the yard. Repairs couldn’€™t be simpler with easy application straight from the jug, plus an all-in-one formula that easily blends with existing grass. Reinvigorate your lawn with an earth-friendly product that is safe for children, pets and the environment.

  • Contains mulch, seed & fertilizer
  • Applies quickly & easily
  • Covers & repairs bare spots
  • Grows thick, green grass
  • Safe for people & pets

Coverage: 400 sq. ft.

Included Technology

  • Rake area to remove thatch, dead grass and debris before applying
  • Uniformly apply Encap Grass Repair Kit directly to soil
  • Do not apply herbicides 3 weeks before or after planting
  • Apply when there is no danger of frost and soil continuously maintains a temperature above 60° F (15.5° C)
  • Minimize traffic on newly seeded areas
  • Do not mow for 3 weeks after applying