Lawn Starter Mulch

Consider this our no-fuss companion to seed. Encap’€™s Lawn Starter Mulch solves all the woes of typical straw or paper mulches. It’s easy to apply with any spreader or straight from the pouch. It doesn’t carry weed seeds and never blocks essential sunlight, water or nutrients. We use an innovative granular mulch with starter fertilizer to help your seeds establish as nature intended. Simply. Bountifully. Beautifully.

  • Contains mulch & starter fertilizer
  • Applies quickly with any spreader
  • Works directly with the soil to enhance germination
  • Safe for people & pets

Coverage: Up to 1,000 sq. ft.

Included Technology

  • Remove brown dead grass and loosen the top 2-3 inches of soil; apply when there is no danger of frost and the soil continuously maintains a temperature above 60º F (15.5° C)
  • Evenly apply Lawn Starter Mulch over the top of seed
  • Water and watch for SWT® sparkles to appear
  • Do not apply pre-emergent herbicides 3 weeks before or after planting grass