One Step Lawn Makeover Kit

One Step Lawn Makeover Kit

Imagine a high performing, single-step overseed combination that includes everything -€“ mulch, seed, fertilizer and natural soil microbe boosting ingredients. Encap’s One Step Lawn Makeover Kit is uniquely formulated to revitalize and thicken existing lawns. Simply fill any spreader and go. In mere minutes, you’€™ll be on your way to enjoying a full and flourishing lawn once more.

  • Contains mulch, seed & Milorganite® fertilizer
  • Overseeds your lawn in one step
  • Makes thin lawns thick & green
  • Applies quickly with any spreader
  • Advanced Soil Technology™ nurtures entire soil
  • Safe for people & pets

Coverage: 2,000 sq. ft.

Included Technology

  • Mow to approximately 2 in. (5 cm) height before applying
  • Rake lawn to remove thatch, dead grass and debris before applying
  • Do not mow for 3 weeks after applying
  • Apply when there is no danger of frost and soil continuously maintains a temperature above 60º F (15.5º C)
  • Do not apply herbicides 3 weeks before or after applying One Step Lawn Makeover
  • Minimize traffic on newly seeded areas