Fast Acting™ Lime

The bounty of your garden depends on the state of your soil. Encap Fast Acting™ Lime helps raise soil pH, which creates a more nourishing soil environment for flowers and vegetables. And since it uses only the highest purity mined calcium carbonate, it’€™s a cinch to grow a fuller, more gorgeous garden.

  • Corrects acidic soils
  • For use on gardens & lawns
  • Advanced Soil Technology™ improves soil environment
  • Great for indoor & outdoor plants
  • Safe for people & pets

Great for: potted plants, herb gardens, flower gardens and
outdoor shrubs

Coverage: 400 sq. ft.
Can be applied in combination with fertilizer.

Included Technology

Application Rate Frequency
Lawns 6 lbs. / 1000 sq. ft. Up to 2x per season
Shrubs 1 cup surrounding base Feed in spring & fall
Veg. / Herb Gardens 1 lb. for every 100 sq. ft. Feed in spring & fall
Flower Gardens 1 lb. for every 100 sq. ft. Feed in spring
Potted Plants – 12″ 12″ pot = 1 tbsp As needed
Potted Plants – 6″ 6″€ pot = 1 tsp As needed