Fast Acting™ Sulfur

Lowering the pH of your garden is painless with Encap Fast Acting™ Sulfur. It packs a premium blend of sulfur and calcium, which helps garden fruits, veggies, flowers and woody ornamentals flourish with lush, green growth. It even improves water management and infiltration, optimizing soil porosity and nutrient absorption. It’€™s as simple as it is safe. As effortless as it is effective.

  • Lowers soil pH
  • Great for potted plants as well as edible/flowering gardens
  • Advanced Soil Technology™ improves soil environment
  • Use on indoor & outdoor plants
  • Safe for people & pets

Great for: Hydrangea, Amaryllis, Poppy Orientalis, potted plants and vegetable gardens

Coverage: 400 sq. ft.
Can be applied in combination with fertilizer.

Included Technology

Application Rate Frequency
Vegetable/Herb Gardens 2.5 lbs. for every 400 sq. ft. Feed in spring
Flower Gardens 2.5 lbs. for every 400 sq. ft. Feed in spring
Flowering Plants 1 tbsp per plant As needed
Potted Plants – 12″€ 12″€ pot = 1 tbsp As needed
Potted Plants – 6″€ 6″€ pot = 1 tsp As needed