What is Lime?

Lime is a soil amendment used by gardeners and homeowners everywhere in order to raise soil pH. Over time, soil naturally becomes more acidic. Acidic soil leads to an excess of weeds and moss (acid loving plants), and also prevents fertilizer from doing its job. Lime is used in order to counteract this acidification by acting as a powerful neutralizer, helping soil to perform at its best for your lawn or garden.

Often called “€œliming,”€ applying lime to soil is a common method of neutralizing soil pH that is too acidic. Whether lawn lime or garden lime, neutralizing soil acidity is a necessity in order for grass, flowers, or vegetables to thrive.

Whether you’€™re a master of all things growing, or the new owner of a yard, liming is a great way to keep your soil pH in check, and help you have the best looking yard on the block. The proper soil pH helps soil prosper as a living environment, which in turn helps your plants, whether flowers, vegetables, or grass, to flourish.

Liming products can be found at your local garden center. For a high-quality, easy to use lime, check out Encap’€™s Fast Acting Lime. Encap’€™s Fast Acting Lime is enhanced with AST, meaning it is fast acting, and long lasting. Plus, it can be used with just about any spreader. Simply apply, and you’€™re back to enjoying the rest of your day. Best of all -€“ Encap’€™s Fast Acting Lime is safe to use around kids and pets!

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