When Should You Apply Lime?

Have you ever heard the old wives’ tale that liming your lawn is most effective when done with the first snow of the season? This is because with a traditional lime, the snow creates a blanket, helping the lime to stay in contact with the soil, giving it the best chance for success. But the truth is, if you are using Encap’s Fast Acting Lime, liming your lawn or garden can be done at any time.

Encap’€™s Fast-Acting Lime uses ASTTM technology to hold the lime in contact with the soil, much like a blanket of snow would. Fast Acting Lime breaks down quickly, and will show results in a couple of weeks. This means there is no seasonal planning necessary! Simply apply, and in a couple of weeks, your soil is helping your lawn or garden to grow to its fullest potential. Rain, shine, or snow, lime will get to work and do its job no matter the weather. You can put down lime in the snow, or put it down with a fertilizer application – any time is a good time to lime.

Encap’€™s Fast Acting Lime can be found at your local garden center. Or you can contact us to find a supplier near you!

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