Child and Pet Safety

Your kids and pets can frolic in peace.

Beautiful isn’t necessarily healthful. That’s why Encap creates products that not only work, but also work well with the environment. By using only earth-friendly ingredients, we promise you a product that is safe to tread on. Rest easy when your children run barefoot over your treated lawn. Don’t worry when your pets cut through your fertilized garden. Safety is one of the biggest ways we take the stress out of lawn & garden care.

*Encap’s products are not meant for internal consumption. May be harmful if ingested. Eye contact with contents of some products may cause irritation. Flush eyes with water as soon as possible. To prevent staining, avoid contact with clothing and wash hands thoroughly after handling. Dust from some products may cause allergic reaction. Fertilizers, Blood Meal, Bone Meal and Fast Acting Iron, etc. may be harmful to pets if ingested. If your pet is prone to eating products applied to lawns, keep your pet off of application area until after first rain has dried. If you are unable to do so, wipe your pet’s paws after they have been on the applied area. If your pet has sensitive skin or a sensitive stomach, keep your pet off of the applied area up to two weeks after application.