Our Low Environmental Impact

Creating products with a low environmental impact is something we have always been passionate about. It’€™s our responsibility to the planet. And you simply get better, more worry-free results when you work with nature rather than against it.

In addition to using all earth-friendly ingredients, Encap products are kind to the planet in two crucial ways:

    • Creating less waste: Our naturally biodegradable mulch products are created from fibers that are left over from the paper recycling process. Ordinarily, these fibers are cleaned at the mills and sent to landfills. We removed this last step and have in turn kept over 75 million pounds of waste out of landfills while helping lawn and gardens thrive.
  • Encouraging healthier soil & growth: All of our mineral products are made to enhance Mother Earth and promote growth naturally. We also enrich our recycled paper fiber granules and minerals with AST®. This greatly improves soil structure, aeration and moisture -€“ providing a more nurturing soil environment and healthier plant growth while minimizing soil erosion.